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Hopefully, your answer to this is yes. To be blunt, if you said no then you need to get to work.

Every business solves a problem for a certain demographic, their ideal customer, but not every business can articulate the problem that they solve during a pitch. Why? Because they get lost in the solution.

Don’t get me wrong, you should be excited about the solution you offer. The solution is the shiny thing that for you as a founder, made you want to go on this crazy start-up rollercoaster.

But here's the problem, potential investors won’t be able to get excited about your company if they don’t see why there's a need for it. …

Not too long ago, around February, if a founder pitched to enough investors they could most likely find someone to write them a check. A start-up could be pre-revenue with projections that, well…projected, a decent potential future for the business. If there was a market size that was compelling enough, someone somewhere would give them money. Start-ups were everywhere.

And like new start-ups popping up everywhere, funds too were exploding. To me, it felt like a new fund started every day. There was enough money to go around.

Then COVID happened…

Much has changed, the economy has changed, investors are changing the way they invest and start-ups are scared. Rightfully so, this is a scary time on so many levels. …

Looking at pitch decks is basically my full-time job along with talking to amazing female entrepreneurs. It’s the part of my job (among other things) that I love because I get to learn about a new company. Over the past 10 years of being in the Angel/VC world I have laid my eyes on some beautiful pitch decks that paint a story like no others, and on the flip side decks that looked like someone put them together in five minutes. Dear lord, please make sure your deck never looks like you just threw it together. …

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If you are in the process of or thinking about fundraising for your business, that can seem like a very distant possibility. COVID-19 is impacting the world which includes the stock market which then, in turn, includes potential investors in your company.

I can’t tell you in the past week how many scared entrepreneurs I have spoken to who feel like they are watching their dream of scaling their business to the next level disappear. I wish I could say that I know for certain what will happen in a week, a month, or a year, but I don’t think anyone knows. …


Lauren Kane

Pitch Strategist- Getting investors to open their checkbooks to market-disrupting Female Entrepreneurs.|Venture Capital| Angel Investor| Entrepreneur

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